The Lazy Girl's Guide to Decorating a Hyper Productive Home Office

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Decorating a Hyper Productive Home Office


Home offices really have become a necessity rather than a luxury in recent years. Working from home has never been so popular due to an increase in computer based work, flexitime and even to self isolate.

It's a space where psychology really comes into play as its function is to keep you feeling focused, efficient and well organized!

The perfect office space is either productive and energised, or calming, depending on your work goals.

First Things First


    The desk and chair should be the first things to choose. If you spend a lot of time in your office make sure to go for something ergonomically designed to avoid discomfort.

    If your desk is situated near a window then screen glare may be a problem. Semi-translucent blinds, veils and curtains are the ideal way to keep the room flooded with natural light yet still provide some relief from the sun.  

    If you don't need semi-translucent window furnishings then dont write off blinds and curtains completely. A good black out blind or curtain will still help insulate during the colder months and will help you start and close the day.  

    Clutter is Your Enemy

    Storage is everything in an office. Don't let your workspace become over crowded by using storage baskets, files and boxes. 

    Open shelving keeps everything in reach and can be a great design feature. Simply store your belongings in great boxes and baskets that match your style.

    You can also make use of your walls by hanging notes, calendars, photos and more to help free up a cluttered desk.

    Fight Tiredness with Good Lighting


      Good strong lighting is essential to keeping you awake and focused. Make sure to have both a ceiling light and desk lamp. A candle can also be a great option if you struggle to keep focussed on specific tasks.

      I always enjoy lighting a candle when I am writing. It's my personal ritual to keep me zoned in for short periods of time.

      Bring a Touch of Cosiness 

        A rug can help make an office professional yet inviting. It's one of the easiest ways to add warmth and colour to your room.

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