5 Alarming Things You Must Know Before Decorating a Rented Property

5 Alarming Things You Must Know Before Decorating a Rented Property


Whether you’ve had a million adventures in your life or are just starting, your home should be an expression of your brilliant personality and your exceptional taste.  

If you are renting a property, the only thing that stands in the way of expressing your home decor style is the rental agreement that lays down some restrictions on a four-walled house without character. But, just because you don’t own this house doesn’t mean that you cannot make it feel like home. 

Keep the following important things in mind while decorating a rented property and you’ll never be in trouble with the landlord:

Points to Consider While Decorating a Rented Property:

Always Get Written Permission for ANY Changes

    Whether you are making major updates or just a minor one in your rented home, make sure you have written permission from the landlord to do so. In this way, you can decorate your home in peace without having to worry about the deposit return. There are many things you can do that won't affect the house itself, such as furniture placement, plants and small furnishings; but anything involving painting, drilling or majorly changing should always be asked first.

    Be Economical

      Remember, your home is neither a student hostel nor a fiver star hotel. If you have a budget to follow or you are temporarily placed, it’s best to practice frugality with quality. Show off your creative potential by combining your lavish items with secondhand purchases or cheaper items. Don’t discard your pre-owned accessories, instead, embrace them into your look. Upcyle them to match in with your current theme. If done correctly, products can be upcycled multiple times to fit with different houses and decor styles. This way you aren't losing anything if you move.

      If You Can't Paint, Choose Wallpaper 

        If your landlord is strict and won't allow you to paint, then wallpaper can be a great option. I don't recommend this if you're only in a property temporarily as it can be time consuming to put up and take down. However, if you are truly looking to make a house a home in the long run then wallpaper is a great option. Go for an adhesive that is super easy to remove and you shouldn't have any problems. By simply peeling and applying sugar soap, some wallpaper adhesives come off ridiculously easy. 

        Hate Your Kitchen? Try Contact Paper

          Just like wallpaper, contact paper can be applied with an adhesive and removed afterwards. Its waterproof and plastic, making it ideal for cupboards, counters and even fridges and shelves. I have never seen such incredible kitchen transformations as I have with contact paper. Unfortunately it can be difficult to remove without a few hours of scrubbing and peeling. So only choose this option if your kitchen is truly hideous and you don't mind a bit of hassle afterwards. 

          Hang Your Pictures & Photos with Sticky Hooks

            Not being able to have any wall art or pictures on your walls is a common rental myth. Just because you can't screw in any nails or hang any hooks doesn't mean you can't still enjoy your art. Adhesive hooks are a fantastic way of being able to hang frames, and you can buy them specially for rental properties. They fully support the weight of your pictures and don't peel, chip or mark your wall underneath. They are also fun,ly removable and don't leave any sticky annoying residue. 

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